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October 03 2022

Caitlyn Jenner on ‘Fox & Friends’: The left has ‘hijacked and politicized’ the trans community

Fox News contributor Caitlyn Jenner accused the left of politicizing the transgender community, warning they are "driving this country apart." Jenner joined "Fox & Friends" on Monday to discuss a report alleging Vermont female high school athletes were banned from their locker room over their objections to a transgender student. 

CAITLYN JENNER: The left has hijacked and politicized, yet another minority group in our wonderful country, the good old USA. And this time again, it's trans people. As a result of their radical left and their use of identity politics agenda, they're really driving this country apart. I thought Joe Biden was supposed to be the great unifier, and all they're doing is driving us apart. Now, does this trans girl have the right under Vermont law to be on the team and to use the locker room? Yes, she does. Do these girls have the right to comment and tell the school board how uncomfortable they are being in a locker room with basically a biological boy with a penis? Absolutely, they do. And what is the school's solution to this? Well, let's ban the ten girls who complain, the complainers, put them off in the corner in their own little part of the locker room and don't do anything when it comes to this trans person. So honestly, everything is out of whack right now and these things have to stop.

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